Helpful software

-Kaspersky TDSS killer
-Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools
-F-Secure Easy cleaner
-Dr.Web Cureit!
-Sophos Virus Removal Tool
-Noman Malware Cleaner
-CCE Comodo Cleaning Essentials | Download Free Malware Removal
-CIS Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security
-CRD Rescue Disk for Windows | Comodo Free Rescue Disk Software
-CD Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser
-CID Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?
Just a list of very useful software. The list above are my favorite and I will be add more later today feel free to add your own.
Always love good software ;D ;D ;D

Cleaned up URLs - JoWa

Have most of them. Any others? :slight_smile:

I have more when I get home

-MBAM Antivirus for Windows 11 | Windows Antivirus 2023 | Malwarebytes Windows 11
-Tor(I know it kinda shady but I like using it every once in a while)
-CCS Cloud Scanner | Detect Viruses, Junk Files, Registry Errors
-Super Anti-Spyware
-Hotspot shield
-McAfee Stinger
-Trend Micro RootkitBuster
-Trend Micro RuBotted
-Trend Micro Housecall
-Trend Micro Browser Guard
-Trend Micro HiJackThis

I still have alot more but don’t have time to post them will do it when I get back home…I hope this helps ;D

You miss imaging like Paragon, Clonezilla etc.

If You think that software is useful then just simply post it your self kinda what the forum is for :wink:

More nice tools I will have a much larger list later on today ;D

-Emsisoft Mamutu
-Online Armor
-Emsisoft Emergency kit
-Free Avast AV[url][/url]

feel free to post your own tools that you use

Question, do you have all this software or just posting links to what you find on the Internet?

Mcaffe Get Suspicious, tool which asks Mcaffe cloud file repuation and scan your computer to find suspicious files.

I have test or used most of these the only one I have not used are
-Trend Micro HiJackThis
-Avast free
-Online Armor
-Emsissoft Mantu
all the others I have used
From now on I will say if I used them or not…
And McAfee are ok…I used McAfee Stinger alot of times it work fine…

Here is a huge list all of all Antivirus that I know of…

These are the ones that I have used and will rate out of 5 stars
Kaspersky Antivirus-***** Home Computer and Mobile Security Software (2023) | Kaspersky
Comodo Antivirus-*** [url=[/url]
Roboscan Antivirus free-**이스트시큐리티 | 알약
Panda Antivirus free-***
AVG Antivirus Free-***

Dr.Webs Antivirus
Norton AntiVirus
McAfee Antivirus
BullGaurd Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus
G Data Antivrus
Sophos antivirus
Avira Antivirus
Escan Antivirus
Eset Antivirus
Webroot Antivirus
Vipre Antivirus
Fortinet Antivirus
Ahnlab antivirus
F-Secure antivirus
PC Tools Antivirus
Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus
The Sheild Antivirus
ZoneAlarm Antivirus
Ad-Aware Antivirus
360 SafeGuard antivirus
Agnitum Outpost Antivirus
AVZ Antivrus
CA antivirus
Celframe antivirus
Emsisoft Antivirus
esafe antivirus
Faronics antivirus
F-prot antivirus
Immunet Antivirus
Intego Antivirus
K7 Computering antivirus
Protector Plus Antivirus
Nano antivirus
nProtect antivirus
Ozone Antivirus
Rising Antivirus
SmartCOP antivirus
VBA32 antivirus
Incredible antivirus.

-Note not all these are “antivirus” but have a product that is Antivirus-like or Security-Like.
-I hope this widen your range and choices (:NRD)

It’s probably because you never found infection with it? Right?

Interesting to note you prefer Kapersky to Comodo.

No most people use the tool wrong…It not post to be a removal tool per say it just alerts you…it say on the site “Turn on high huer. and put on report only” if you do this the software will find some fps and some bad software…it all depends on what your computer has and if you are effected.

Well I have used Kaspersky since 2007 i have only used comodo since 2011 so kaspersky has a major advantage plus at the time that I used Comodo AV it have alot of FPS which got very annonying…I love the firewall :love:

I am only copying and paste link from the sites it not my fault…

this is the url from my computer Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security

for CIS I don’t know why the website is doing this or why you have a diffrent url but that is it…actaully I do know why becuase Comodo is trying to make everything look better but I am not going to mod the urls just copy and paste…I don’t have that kinda of time !ot!

I see. Yeah I had no idea LOL!

I see your point. You just prefer Kaspersky AV over Comodo AV. What can I say? Bitdefender, ESET and Kaspersky are leaders in it. So I get it. And you really care only about FP. So yeah. But as I said many times before Comodo changed for the better. Having said that I can’t say that it comes even close to Bitdefender, ESET or Kaspersky when it comes down to false positives.

I try to do all my AV off of Statics and not gossips or rumors…I love Comodo but FPS wise Comodo will not beat kaspersk but Comodo will always beat kaspersky firewall wise…most of the time firewall vendors are good at that and suck at AV and AV vendors are better at Av then firewalls…is not the suite that you want you want what is best for your computer… Miss and match til you have the best protection… (:CLP)