HelpFile, Firewall Tasks, Advanced, Attack Detection, Block Fragmented packets

The help file states:
Block fragmented IP Datagrams

When a connection is opened between two computers, they must agree on a Mass Transmission Unit (MTU). IP Datagram fragmentation occurs when data passes through a router with an MTU less than the MTU you are using i.e when a datagram is larger [/i]

Should be Maximum Transmission Unit

This is what worries me about user translation. There is already bad translation in the original text.

Yep, you not only have to be able to translate English in to an other language, i also have to understand “what it does” and “what is is”, i’ll make sure to note all Help file issues while translating it, so we can do an extra run of checks after translation…

But a translation bureau would also have translated this wrong :wink:

True. If the source is wrong, the translation will be wrong.