Hi Guys
Just installed latest beta and all went very well until I did the leak test and now firefox wont function as it should eg
Proactive Security mode and D+ in safe mode - FF will not open
Internet Security mode and D+ in safe mode - FF will open

I cant figure out where I can change the settings (it has to do with D+) and what needs to be done to have FF open up in Proactive mode. Can anybody offer some suggestions.

Configuration - Internet Security (now) was Proactive until I couldn’t open Firefox
FW - safe
D+ - safe
AV - statefull
SB - enabled

Also here are a few more results-
install - went without a hitch
update - the same
scan - very fast 43.9gig in 18 minutes
spyware scan - very fast less than 3 minutes

cfp @ 4000k
cmdagent @ 7700k

Leak test failed big time 150/340 but have to keep in mind that this is a beta and I have full confidence that Comodo will fix this hiccup.
But for the moment I really need help with the D+ issue

My advice is to check your Computer Security Policy and see if there’s any rules that shouldn’t be there.