In almost all applications, F1 is the shortcut to help.

I just checked the F1 claim for Opera browser and I get the Help.

I hardly use function keys. Is there a function key for CIS help?

I do agree it makes sense to with a certain flow in this.

F1 does not function with CIS for help.

!ot! Maybe Comodo should also put the Help button so you can access it anytime, anywhere, from the GUI. I.e. next to the _ □ x symbols.

thats a great idea LA!


Probably not a bad guess that we’ll get this in v 4. Here’s how it looks in CBU (attached screenshot):

(edit: minor typo)

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Cool desktop image. Can I have a copy of that image?


Thanks. :-TU

F1 works on all sub menus of CIS