I keep getting a Firewall Alert the ycommon.exe is trying to connect to the internet. I have told it to allow it several times and to remember my answer, I also have told it several times to treat it as a trusted application, but I still get an alert every couple of minutes. Why won’t it remember my settings. When I look at the Network Security Policy under Application Rules, I have dozens of entries for ycommon.exe all saying to allow all or treat as trusted application, but I still get alerts every few minutes. Please help, I am considering going back down to version 2.4 if this doesn’t stop.

Hello DSinn

I would suggest removing all instances of ycommon.exe from your rules, setting the D+ alert to “paranoid mode” restart yahoo messenger and allow it as an installer or updater. After it gives all of the alerts reset it back to “clean PC mode”. Try this anyway and see if it works for you.