ive denied firefox to do a action and now firefox doesnt even want to load. where are the option for allowing it to run again?

Go to the Security/Application monitor, delete all entries for FF and reboot your machine.

Once rebooted, try to startFireFox. CFP should pop an alert. Click “Remember” and “Allow” and you should be right again.

Ewen :slight_smile:

And after you do that, learn how to write a subject title. :THNK

Hey now, play nice, Melih likes everyone to be happy… The subject, while not very descriptive of the problem, does indicate that help is needed, and that’s what is most important.


We pretty much get that he needs help by the fact that he’s posting in the Help forum.

But sometimes there are topics that are (inadvertently) posted on the wrong boards as well. With ninya’s permission, we can easily modify the topic title to something more specific - unless some mod feels proactive & liberal enough do so. 88)