Help wth V3 and activesync

Hi all

many moons ago I had a heck of a job getting activeyc to connect but after a quick search in here I found the answer.

I have today had to do a complete re-install of C: and cannot get the now very complicated V3 to let my XDA2 connect.

After many goes of trying to copy the V2 way of going it I cannot get any joy.

Hoping someone out there has more techi know how than me and has managed to figure out V3 and the nightmare that is Active sync.

I have the port list:
Inbound TCP:
Outbound UDP:

just need to know exactly how to get it this info into the firewall.

Extra info if it helps:
XDA2 pda (O2)
connecting on usb
(will connect if i shut down Comodo) so nothing wrong of than the port config.

Thanks in advance for any help

No experience in using a PDA, but it should be possible to add the MAC of the PDA to the LAN configuration - now if I only knew a way to tell you how to discover the PDA’s Physical Address (Machine Address Code = MAC). It may be on a label on the PDA somewhere and consists of 6 number/letter pairs (like ##:##:##:##:##:##) First, do you have a home network (more than one computer or use a router to connect to your internet connection)? Next, have you defined a home LAN and run the Stealth Ports Wizard? If you have had your network identified by the setup of CFP, you can just add the MAC of your PDA to the home network Zone (in My Network Zones). If you have only one computer, you will have to define a My Network Zone using the MACs of your PDA and your computer. To get the computer’s MAC, click Start>Run> and type ipconfig /all at the DOS prompt. If you see ***'s where the IP Address entry should be, then note the Physical Address (that is the MAC).
With that info, click Firewall>Common Tasks>My Network Zones. On that dialog window, click Add and select A New Network Zone. On the dialog, give it a name like LAN or Home and click Apply. There will be a new entry on the parent page for your new zone with a line below it with (Add new addresses here). Select that line and click Add and choose A New Address. On the New Address dialog, enter the Physical Address from ipconfig into the “A MAC address” option and click Apply. Repeat the Add process and input the MAC for your PDA. Click Apply and Apply. If you had a network identified when CFP installed, select it, click Add and input the MAC of your PDA
Next click Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports Wizard. Select the first entry (Define a new trusted network…) and click Next. Select “I would like to trust an existing…” and then click the drop-down beside the empty box below. From that drop-down, select the Zone that you defined above and click Finish. That should allow any connections between the two MACs to pass the firewall.