help with utorrent and firewall pro

hi ive installed comodo pro and its great… only problem is i now cant use utorrnt ive followed instructions on set up to 51234 and not working my ports are ok but it says theres a network connection problem but ive never had this problem before my upload speed has gone from 60-70kbs to 2-4kbs so its connecting but cant seem to get any better speeds ive disabled upnp port mapping

I have a similar problem with my bittorrent client.
When the firewall is on and running, I have d/l speeds of less then 10Kb/s total, with the firewall off, I’m getting about 140Kb/s.

When I look at the log, it has hundreds of entries for refused network access that look like they’re bittorrent trying to d/l.

What gives?

Do you have “Protocol Analysis” option checked?
To get a better response to your question, can you post logs from when BT is active?