Help with UDP problem

I have a problem in WinMX.

Each time I load the channellist or try to search for a file, the firewall thinks of it as an ddos attack…

Ive tried changing the tcp/udp flood rates (under advanced), but it didnt help.
How am i supposed to get around this problem? As I would very much like to be able to load the channellist/Search for files in WinMX.

Do I have to, like, forward the ports or something? (I have set the ports on allow (Port: 6699 for TCP, and port 6257 for UDP)

And, uh, great work on the firewall. This is my only problem till now :wink:

This is exactly the problem I am having with Winmx & Comodo. I have done exactly as he describes, & still have the same problem.

My log shows many instances of “inbound policy violation. (access denied. ICMP=port unreachable)”. The rule I have created is as follows: allow-ICMP-in-any-any. Write type=3 since it is the 3rd rule, & from reading other posts, I setcode=4.

I have selected “trusted zone” as a range to include pc ipaddress & router address.

Any suggestions?

                                              Thank you.

The “write type=3 - code=4” setting in an ICMP rule is to allow fragmented packets, and bears no relationship to the rule number. It is required bevcause we found that without it, some users couldn’t log in on certain sites, and some e-commerce site would function properly.

Re. WinMX, this has got me tossed. I use Limewire - straight out of the box it just works (after two initial CPF pop-ups).

Can you post a screenshot of your network monitor rules for us to look at?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ok. I will post the screenshot. Thanks.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Any ideas/suggestions? My log is generating tons of entries stating: “Inbound policy violation (Access denied. ICMP = port unreachable)” & Winmx has difficulty with transfers. People trying to download from me are getting constantly disconnected.

                                            Thank you.


Can you please download and use the latest beta so that logs will show everything being blocked?


Sure. Do I need to uninstall version If not, will the beta version maintain my settings?


Unfortunately, beta deletes the previous settings. And you will need to uninstall