help with UDP conn. and more datas sent than received!

whenver i online, i always have packets sent more than i received, look at the picture below:–

i’d noticed my internet connection somehow slow down at least 1 fold, pain to the xxx…

checking with CIS, i can see there are connections to via UDP

i don’t think it is normal. i’d a full scan ran on my pc, no malwares, virus, trojan, worms…etc found. just clean.

how can i block the IP with CIS??

Hi yuron, welcome to the forums.

I don’t believe that you want to block this. UDP on port 53 is a DNS query (basically your system finding out what the IP address is for a given internet site name). The IP involved is owned by Neustar Ultra Services, which is better known as UltraDNS. So, assuming you’re using UltraDNS… this seems to OK.

It’s Comodo’s own Secure DNS servers that are operated by Neustar. You probably enabled Comodo Secure DNS during the installation of CIS.

Still it is odd you have more packets going out instead of in. Usually it’s the other way around.