Help with the logo selection process

hi all

we are in the process of designing logos ’ secured by comodo’ for use on comodo customer websites. i thought it would be a bit of fun to get you guys involved in the selection process, download the attached file and let us know which number you prefer off the sheet.


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I like 17. I think it represents the products the most.

I would go with either #16 or #17 because of what the person above me wrote and because they are the most colorful.

I like number 16

I like # 16 also. :slight_smile:

#17 for style and pizazz, #24 for simplicity and neutrality (colourwise).

I like #8 and #17. Or maybe an hybrid of those. Something like this comodo-hybrid.gif

ps. I was not in the mood of making a better finish :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont know if this kinda input is valuable for you BUT Ill say that current COmodo secure logo lacks:
word “secure” should be more outstanding its hardly visible. Your statement is " site is secure" NOT “it’s developed by Comodo” (I work in advertisement industry …) anyway.

More realistic features have a Security logo, more trustworthy it looks.Try chiseled/engraved “Secure” pay LOTS of attention how and where the word appears cos that word is your sales pitch, definitely not in the “background” somwhere faded out…). 3D model logo with metalic features (rastirized) would be very good. …you know why Yankees win?’s the stripes…(

No dragon…no security!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, given the choices, I’d go with #17.

Yes if to chose from the selection Id go with 17 but would recommend Green=Safe, Good, move ahead, color in the bg of word SECURE. and not Red = alert, entrusion, forbidden, stop. ::slight_smile:

Verbotten because of the red color I suggested a logo like #8 with the shield of #17.,208.msg1263.html#msg1263

Red = alert, entrusion, forbidden, stop → blocks attacks,hackers,virus,spyware,etc from getting om a Comodo protected desktop. It is a forbidden area for those ;D

So what about this for No.17 in green. (see attachment)?

I agree Green is better and, as the slogan used for V-Engine says, ‘green is good to go’.

Excuse it for not being perfect, it was done using MS Paint.

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16 & 17 :wink:

hi all

thanks for your comments and sugestions. we have taken your suggestions onboard and version 2 of the logo is now being worked on, i will post the next round of logos up again for you guys to look through

many thanks !

Thanks John do you know when we can expect the version 2 selection process?

hi justin

we should have the new set ready for preview end of this week, i’ll keep you posted


Thanks John I look forward to seeing what you guys have come up with :smiley:

Can’t wait to see what the new logos are like

Sorry, but you must.

I like number 17 :wink: 8)