help with the firewall please :)

hello there. (:WAV)
i just downloaded Comodo’s firewall and installed it. but utorrent program says the firewall is limiting the network traffic and it’s not connectable.

even though i allowed it in the application monitor. it was working perfectly with windows xp’s firewall…what should i do?

thanks a lot in advance :■■■■

Welcome to the forum, playa4real007.

You’re almost half way there already ;). Now that you have defined uTorrent to be in your trusted Application Monitor, you have to open a port for incoming connections in the Network Monitor (which is like a router). Here’s the template:

Action: Allow
Direction: Incoming
Protocols: TCP/UDP
Source Port: Any (from the internet)
Destination Port: uTorrent’s assigned incoming port #

PS: I deleted your other thread because it’s a duplicate

i did it from the network monitor but still nothing.

Make sure these uTorrent options are also disabled: UPNP and randomize port on each uTorrent start. If possible, please post a screenshot of your rules.

source ip, destination ip and source port are set to “any”

here is the screenshot

Thanks. I see. First of all, this is just the Application Monitor rule and I notice an error (assuming you have not changed any of the default Network Monitor rules). Change the Direction from In/Out to just In. (I’ll explain on that later).

Secondly, please also post a screenshot of your Network Monitor rules.