Help with Terminal Services Install


I need help to install CIS on my Windows Server 2003 Box.

The problem is: I have access ONLY via Terminal Services. I install CIS and the service starts automatically, so my connection is closed automatically too.

The question: How can I install CIS without automatically start the service to have time to authorize TS port, or how to install CIS with preconfigured rule to permit connections on TS port?

Thank you in advance.

PS: sorry, but I’m brazillian and my english is not good enough.

Welcome. Your English is fine for me.

CIS is not officially tested on Win 2k3 but I have seen reports of people being able to run CIS on 2k3 system.

I am not familiar on installing CIS on headless server but you may want to consider Comodo Endpoint Security Mananger (it allows to manage 5 pc’s for free).

The only way I can think of, would be to export a configuration from CIS that you know will provide the access you require and then import and activate that configuration, after you’ve installed CIS on the 2k3 box but before restarting.


  1. Install and configure CIS, preferably on a 2k3 box but it might work using a different OS
  2. Open CIS and select the More tab
  3. select Manage my configurations
  4. select the configuration you just created and select export (give it a name)
  5. Install CIS via TS on the 2k3 box
  6. After installation but before rebooting, import the configuration and activate it
  7. Reboot CIS and hope for the best :slight_smile:

No guarantee this will work, moreover, I’m not sure I’d recommend even trying to install and manage CIS through TS. Whilst CIS will run on 2k3, all kinds of weirdness happens when accessed through TS. For example, components like D+ will likely tell you they’re not working correctly. If you just want to use the firewall component, you may have a better time. Personally, that would be my suggestion.

If you do decide to try this, you need to have a fall back plan. I have, however, used this method for configuring CIS, albeit without TS, in the past and the configuration import and activation does work before rebooting.

If I get time, I’ll try it later and report back.

Alternatively, try Eric’s suggestion.

Some time ago I contacted the comodo support asking some things about the CIS on servers. The person who assisted me told me that cav will run smoothly on a Windows Server machine.