Help with sporadic website loading (n00b, sorry)

Loved Comodo a few years ago, but am very frustrated returning to it again in my move back to Windows.

CFP V. seems to be running fine for the most part (although system seems to be wicked slow - could be Windows Vista - I don’t know what to expect on my new non-Linux system.)

The problem I seem to be having is with two (so far) specific websites refusing to load. One “connection reset” and on that simply doesn’t load anything at all: just finishes loading a blank screen.

** Problem goes away when I disable CFP’s firewall: websites load normally and quickly.
Tried listing FF as Web Browser and Trusted App. Global rules have been tried at both Allow All and Block and Log only Any/Any “ICMP Message is ECHO REQ” (where the other rules: Allow In/Out from Network Zone).
Also tried all Firewall Sec. settings (Learning, etc…) and Defense+ settings.

Would really like to use CFP, but don’t see the point if I have to disable it to access my work scheduling website and a random shopping portal website (and who knows how many yet unidentified random others).

I am running Vista Basic (32), Dell Ins. 1520: 1.46Ghz, 2 Gb RAM, FF ( - although I have the same problem on IE 7.

Installed CFP right after first boot of new system. Also using Avast Antivirus (4.7), and SpyCatcher Express (4.5.2).

I’m (sadly) a n00b to this, so sorry if I didn’t give enough info. But I been searching this forum forever and am about to call it quits.


Go to the beta forum and download the 3.0.14. Fixed a lot of problems, maybe yours too. Easier to troubleshoot fromthe latest version.

Thanks for the tip. Didn’t even think of the new beta.

v. 3.0.14 Fixed the “connection reset” problem with the scheduler website, but didn’t change the strange blank load of Tried in FF and IE also. Problem continues to clear up when Firewall is disabled. All other options at default. Tried FF as WebBrowser instead of Custom (from training mode I assume).

Halfway there.

Thanks again.

Wish I could help but that website loads right away for me in all my browsers. ???

I don’t have any problem loading either. Does anything show up in your log? upromise is a little unusual-even though you access it via http, it also redirects to a secure port 443. Check your http ports under firewall/common tasks and make sure port 443 is still there. Could be a problem in the interaction between CFP and NOD32, but I don’t use NOD32. Try turning NOD32 off and see if it also works.

Thanks for the response sded.

No logged blocks beyond a few Win Op Systems (no FF or IE blocks).
Ports still list 443.
NOD32? I think this is a virus protection prog., yes? I use Avast! Didn’t think I had NOD32. Do you know something I don’t?

Full disclosure: I don’t know if matters, but my copy of Vista Basic has never been able to update because of a problem with prepackaged OS from Dell. Win Updater Error Code 8024D00E. This seems to be a known and unsupported code only corrected by a reinstall. I am waiting for SP1, at this point, rather than undertaking a OS reinstall. Can’t imagine this matters, but I thought I’d mention it.

Sorry, I was reading the wrong message when I checked out what you had. With Avast! see if there are any messages from ashwebsv.exe and that 443 is not listed as a port to be scanned by the Web Shield. Do you have both firefox and ashwebsv.exe defined as web browsers? When you go to there should be port 80 allows from ashwebsv.exe and a port 443 allow from firefox if you add a “log” to the “allow http” in the web browser default rules. Sorry for the confusion. ???

Thanks for the speedy posts!

I didn’t have ashwebsv.exe defined as a WB (nor did I have FF defined this reinstall either). Now I do. Logging reveals activity on 80 by Avast! and 443 by FF.

Avast!s web browsing tab shows that “Redirected HTTP Port(s): 80”. No ignored addresses. I see no reference to 443. Should there be?

Problem persists.

** restarted FF to see if that would help and now “connection reset” problem returned for (see previous). I reset rules for ashwebsv and FF to “trusted”, and the custom setting CFP automatically set them to before: “Allow IP Out from Any/Any/Any”. No luck.

Sounds like all the right stuff is happening on the firewall side, assuming the activity is “allow”. :wink: . Avast doesn’t deal with SSL encrypted web traffic. Could you see if there are any blocked UDPs to port 53? Also check for events on the Defense+ side? Don’t see offhand why these are happening between CFP and Avast! Have you disabled any of the Windows Services?

Haven’t responded in a while… sorry. Firewall went crazy (opening itself three or four instances at a time over and over and freezing). Had to restart in Safe and turn it off and its auto start. I believe it to be off, yet Win Sec. Center claims it is on and I can’t turn on Win. Firewall. Pretty sure I am going to uninstall. Might just be giving up.

In answer to your questions.

Yes, I have disabled quite a few of the windows services: Firewall, Defender, (updater of course: doesn’t work- see previous). UAC is still on, and ■■■■ annoying.

As to 53: CFP doesn’t seem to want to start these days. So I couldn’t tell you.

Thanks for all your help. Oh, well. Maybe the next version.

New final version came out yesterday, and based on problem reports has a lot fewer issues. Probably a good time to uninstall from safe mode, clean out the registry, and give a try.