Help with running 25 to life on intel 945 GC chipset(Onboard graphics)

Hey i am trying to run 25 to life on my friends PC.
He doesnt have a graohic card. He have a 945 Gc chipset with 1 gb ram.
He has Windows 7 and xp.
I tried swiftshader in xp but the game did ran but with unplayable fps.
I also downloaded a modded driver but it doesnt support GC.
Is there anyway to run the game on his chipset at least in win7.???
Will addgame.reg work without modded drivers???

I have also tried 3d analyser but with no success

Usually on board video chips, even more so the ones from Intel, are not up to the job of properly rendering games. They are not capable enough. Check out the minimum system requirements: .

The way to go is to get a separate graphics adapter.

64MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Pixel Shader 1.1 Support

Thats where the problem lies. Emulating pixel shader 1.1 is really touger than it seems i guess…