Help with opening up specific ports

Hi, been a while. But I’ve not had any reason to come here for a while as comodo has been running sweet. However, I’ve started to host a game server from a dedicated machine. The server uses ports 28015-28016. Now, the server shows up on the game server lists & steam server list if I disable the firewall. But if I enable it, it no longer accessible. I’ve managed to narrow it down more. I got to the Stealth port section where you only have 2 options. Block all or alert incoming connections that allows me to make the PC visible on a case by case bases. If I chose the alert. It allows the server to be accessible for players online & Block all does what it says, it blocks it.

I’ve tried to look up how to allow ports or to allow the program specifically to run without changing the stealth port option to block all. I don’t want to click alert if it poses a risk to my system. But all the video’s & instructions are for older versions of Comodo which make following them confusing.

I just want the allow a specific port to be open that comodo seems to be blocking.

Thanks in advance!

Narrowed it down a little. For some reason. If I open a port range specifically for an application. It doesn’t work. I have to go into global rules & open the port range. Why is this? Also, why is it. Under Steal ports. If I click on Alert incomming connections. It allows the application to work using the ports needed. Yet not a single pop up asking me if I want to allow or block?;msg847727#msg847727