Help with OLE

Your firewall keep popping up OLE hack and I know it should not pop up because that application is already connect to the internet. I’m a big fan of your firewall is proven good !! Stand behind that !! Could you be so kind as a brief description of what a ole is and when it pop up how do I find the infected file. Is it always the exe what is it and what program modified the other program. How do I detect this stuff for my self more important how so I find the file and submit it to my antivirus. AVAST

OK, I’ll give you an example. Let’s suppose Firefox is your browser and Outlook Express is your email client. Both applications are unrelated to each other as we both well know. You may have already accessed the Internet and will have confirmed that Firefox should be allowed to do so unrestricted.

So one day, you receive an email from a friend who tells you about a site he’s discovered and includes the link to it in his mail. When you click that link, the firewall displays an alert displaying the OLE info. The alert you would have seen is the same as the one in the image.

“OLE” is an acronym for “Object Linking and Embedding”. In this particular example, two applications are being linked i.e. Firefox and Outlook Express for which the executable is msimn.exe and for which the email contains embedded links. Since the Parent of Firefox is explorer.exe, that needs to run in order to navigate to the Firefox executable and launch it.

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