Help with Network Security Policy>Global Rules!

I only have the Firewall enabled on a 64 bit Windows 7 system. I can’t wake the system up from another network. I have used WOL apps numerous times to do this and have the proper port forwarded in my router and open in Comodo. I can wake it on my home network. I’m suspicious of these blocked settings. Or if you can think of anything else, thank you!

Block ICMP Out From MAC to Mac Any Where ICMP Message Is PROTOCOL UNREACHABLE
Block ICMP In From Any To MAC Any Where ICMP Message Is 17.0
" 15.0
" 13.0

Do the firewall logs bring any insight here? Can you post a screenshot of them? They are under View Firewall Events.

Thank you for the reply! It hasn’t logged any blocked events relative to this. WOL aside, I verified this morning that I can only remote the desktop with Splashtop on my HP TouchPad from the LAN while Comodo is enabled. I then attempted to remote from my neighbors network. If Comodo was enabled I couldn’t, however, after I disabled it I was able to. I have Splashtop listed as “A Trusted Application” yet it doesn’t function out of my LAN. I must be setting Comodo up wrong or incompletely. I’m sure once I do it correctly both (WOL with a magic packet and Splashtop) will succeed!

Try opening the port for the WOL connection in Global Rules and see if that makes a difference or not.

Read the following tutorial I made. Substitute the port numbers and protocol for your situation.

To open the port TCP 1723 for example

First step is to determine the MAC or Physical address of you network connector. Go to Start → Run → cmd → enter → a black box will show up and enter the following → ipconfig /all (notice the space before /all) → enter → now look up the Physical address and write it down.

Notice that Physical address = MAC address

Firewall → Network Security policy → Global Rules → Add → fill in the following:
Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP
Direction: In
Description: Incoming Port

Source address: Any
Destination Address: Choose MAC address and fill in the found MAC/Physical address
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 1723

Then push Apply → Now make sure that the new rule is somewhere above the basic block rule(s) as the bottom (the block rules have red icons); you can drag and drop the rules → Ok.

Thank you very much! My neighbors are away at the moment. I will try later today.