Help with Network attached storage please

Hi all,
I have a Freecom FSG3 network attached storage device connected to a 3 PC home network via a Belkin Modem Router. Whilst I can access the device via a web browser by using its IP address with Comodo Firewall activated, I am unable to access the device via its own management software called FSG Assistant unless Comodo is turned OFF. I have checked on the Comodo application monitor and the relevant application appears twice and is is ticked to allow TCP/UDP traffic one instance is inbound traffic the other is outbound traffic.
What am i missing here please - I feel rather stupid!

Hi Ronh, welcome to the forums… sorry you feel stupid.

Check CFPs Log (Activity tab - Log button) & see if there are corresponding block entries in the Log, if CFP is stopping something, then it should be reported in the Log.

Have you defined a new trusted network in CFP? (security/tasks)