Help with My configuration Settings

I honestly haven’t a clue, I just recently removed the software then re-installed it and everything seems OK but I really don’t understand how to use all these resources. I have read through the forums and have learned a lot but because I haven’t ran across my specific situation or atleast was aware of it, I still don’t understand the activities taking place on my PC.

I am connected to the internet through a cable modem given by my cable service. I am using a stand alone desktop without anything else physically at my location connected to it besides the ethernet cable with the cable modem. I have an IP address, Subnet #, MAC addy, DEFAULT gateway addy, DHCP server addy, and TWO DNS Server Addys displayed on my connected NIC

I have frequent pop-ups whenever I try to open any browser and programs connected to the internet and OK I can add the connection as trusted and have the firewall remember the connection BUT there will always be another request from my firewall because the REMOTE IP is often different each time??? I was thinking to just set the IP and corresponding ports but they aren’t permenant relationships??? So with network rules I fear unlocking multiple IP ranges and ports would defeat the purpose of me having a firewall. So does anyone have an idea as to which address from all the different addresses I am associated with should be used??

ALso I noticed in my logs the RULE #5, rejects so many connections but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I don’t know my IP and with that rule blocking ANY IP IN/OUT…the TCP/UDP stuff is the only working communication…thus creating so many alerts because the IPs can’t get in or go out…OH and do you know why they change so much? Can I set these values myself and then they can be granted access by using the specific path I predetermine like “IP#B is allowed to IP#A only on port356” and IP # C is allowed to IP # A only on port 357" yeah but that is probably time consuming ok well Anyone that can help I would sure appreciate it! Thanks in advance

Hi Nicole, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sounds like your having fun :slight_smile:

Ok, first things first. Have you changed any of the default settings/rules in CFP?

Some things to check;

  1. Open CFP
  2. Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous
  3. make sure there is a tick in the box for Do not show any alerts for applications certified by Comodo
  4. Make sure the Alert Frequency slider is set to Low.

To find your IP Address, open a command prompt (Start/Run - type cmd [pess enter]) In the command window type ipconfig /all that will show details related to your configuration, such as IP Address, DNS server addresses etc.

With regard to rule 5, assuming it’s the last rule, and you haven’t added any additional rules, you should not be being blocked. We can take a look at that after you make the checks outlined above.