Help with many problems with computer now that I downloaded this program

Hi all first off let me start by saying I am used to slow internet connections being I am on dial up and the windows take a few to view.

Now with installing this program the windows loading to the site is painful to say the least, It is so slow I cant believe it. How do I get the windows to load faster when using your program?

Hi dam1120 Welcome to the forums.

What is your OS? What other Security Software do you have installed besides CFP v3?


Hi I have XP media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3. I have KAV 2009 (Kaspersky). I also have Malwarebytes and Ccleaner and registry cleaner programs.

Oh I am not sure if this is the V3 or V2 version and I cant seem to find in properties where it would tell me.

Oh I disabled it because my scanner wsnt working and the tech had me uninstall the printer/copier/scanner all in one and reinstall it and she said in order for me to scan and use the machine I have to disable the firewall which I find hard to take because the windows firewall I was using never had me disable it to scan and fax and print.

Oh now that it is disabled the interent windows open with ease…we as easy as they could for a dial up connection (:WIN)

Thank you for your help

I have another question about this program. It says Proactive Defense so I look at that area and it lists items that either say unknown or safe when I did the lookup. Now should I remove the unknowns?

Another question I have is about the add part. Why would I use this feature? How would I know I should use it?

Hi I used to be able to send a link to someone using my AIM. Now it gies me a privacy link and not the link I wanted to send? Why is this happening and how do I stop it?

Thanks Debra

Another problem is I can no longer do a screen print and save it to paint? Why and how do I stio this?
Thanks Debra