Help with MalWare removal [RESOLVED]

I am using SpyBot on my computer and it has found three malware programs on my computer, CoolWWWSearch.hjg, HellzLittleSpy, & Win32.Agent.pz. I also have BoClean v4.27 which did not find these programs. Which do I trust?

If they are real, how do I go about safely removing these? I have found information on various other forums but I don’t necessarily trust it.

hi Rbman,

Is this the first time you ran Spybot ?
Or did these pests suddenly appear ?

I’ve been using SpyBot for some time now. The malware programs appeared about a month or so ago. At first, I had SpyBot remove them but, I believe it was Hellzspy, I was unable to log back into my computer following a reboot. I’ve since learned that the registry gets modified to prevent normal reboots once the malware program is removed. Since then, all three have reappeared again.

Hi rbman123 :slight_smile:

Do you use the latest 1.6 version of Spybot S&D ??? I know there was a problem regarding a false positive of HellzLittleSpy in the older versions. You can download Spybot S&D 1.6 from here :

If you still have problems ask for help on their support forum :

Greetz, Red.

It appears the ‘problem’ has been resolved. I’ve upgraded SpyBot from version 1.3 to version 1.6 and the malware is no longer on my system. Hopefully this was all due to false positives.

Thanks to all, appreciate the help.

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