help with infection Locky Ransomware's new .SHIT Extension* Extension

Allo everyone im going to post a question that i think it is not suppose to be posted in this area , but i dont know were to put it so i will post it here and i hope someone can tell me were i can get help with it. I have a friend who had an infection from a
Locky Ransomware’s new …SHIT* Extension virus, i helped him cleaning the pc but his documents still are encrypted, does someone knows how to decrypt the files from his pc ? if someone knows anything about this please say something , im asking this help in this comunity wich i care and like very much thank you!

You can check Kaspersky’s website. They have been doing an interesting job finding decryption keys for cryptolockers: .

If there is no decryption tool all you can do is give it time, hope that Kaspersky or other(s) come up with decryption tools if you don’t want to pay.

Thank you very much for your help! i will see if i can do something about this thank you again!

Thank you for your kind information!