help with importing

Hi, I’m trying to reimport saved firewall rules. After import (which it reports as successful) I’m only seeing the default firewall rules. Can you offer any hints on what might be going wrong?

  • am disabling UAC and rebooting before importing
  • am exiting Comodo and starting cfp.exe as admin
  • i’m using an admin account
  • Vista x64 SP2
  • importing into Comodo 3.9.95478.509
  • rules exported from a more recent build 3.10.nnn.531 i think

i’m installing first with this older CIS version because I have it on CD and can install it before going online to get the update – is that a known issue?

Do I need to reimport all four default Comodo profiles (i exported them all) or just the active one?

Is there a way to examine the contents of the export file to make sure it contains what I’m expecting?

After the import, it seemed to change protection level for all three tools to what I was expecting (AV - stateful, D+ - paranoid, FW - custom policy) but as I said none of my FW or D+ rules are listed.

Thanks for any ideas.

I believe you have to reboot for the import to take effect, though closing down and opening the CIS gui might be enough.


Thanks, but that unfortunately didn’t do it.

It looks like the trick was some combination of the following:

Would closing down cfp.exe and restarting as admin do the trick as well? Read this: .