Help with IE7

My daughter left one of her laptops here before going to Idaho. I decided to clean it up for her and besides replacing an expired Norton Security with CIS7 , cleaned the viruses and malware, stopped quite a few items from running at startup and also found on 3 different browsers she had 4-5 search windows.

But my frustration is with the touchpad and Windows 7 !

There were 2 Problems the second I might have soved? When typing like now the cursor would jump 2-3 lines above, which can be frustrating, especially if it happens several times. The reason I say “might” have been solved is I want to give it several weeks to be sure. What I did here was install a small application called “TouchFreeze” which freezes the touchpad while you are typing. The slightest movement across the touchpad while you are typing can cause the cursor to jump.

The First problem is still not solved.

If the cursor stops (hovers over) some links for 1 to 3 seconds the folder opens. This does not occur every time but more than enough to make it frustrating and annoying,
I tried going through and unchecking areas that are intended for opening folders and files (when hovered over). I also found Microsoft had a newer driver to download than is on the Toshiba site. Everything seems up to date ?

Oh this laptop is a Satellite L505D-S5985 and was upgraded by the Dealer (Best Buy) several years ago from Vista to Windows 7. I think my problem in both instances is the touchpad and Microsofts settings. I would rather take a seconds longer and manually open a folder.

Thank You for assistance,

UncleDoug, firstly do update to the latest Touchpad/Mouse driver if there is one available. Secondly, most Touchpad drivers can be configured to adjust the cursor movement as well as the tapping sensitivity, you may need to check on the Mouse control panel.

If after adjusting the tapping sensitivity you still find it annoying, you can always disable “tap-to-click” on the Touchpad/Mouse control panel.