Help with Flash Player problem

This may help people having trouble with Flash Player, so that they cannot view Flash videos on web sites.

It works on my Windows XP.

In Comodo - Firewall - Define a new trusted application - Select Browse -
Windows - System32 - Macromedia - Flash -
Here you select these 2 files :

Why do you need to block flash videos? Use Firefox with Ad Blocker Plus. Easier and faster. Or are you talking about flash videos not coming in cause Comodo blocks them. Comodo has never blocked a flash video for me. There is no web shield in Comodo.

Yea that does seem odd. I don’t even have (the need for) any flash files in either Firewall or Defense+ rules. It just works with my browser.

i do not block flash but there has been some security warning about adobe and other flash player leaving a “super cookie” on a computer that can be used for tracking. FF has a plug-in out called better privacy i’m using it along with NS and i have not had any problem with it and I still can use flash just with out the cookies here is the link for the plug-in

Yes, There shouldn’t be a reason to add Flash Player to your Trusted Apps in any policy in CFP 3.

When I used vista, never had a problem, Using XP now, Still no problem…

I was and am using IE & Firefox too… So your situation is odd 88)


ngreenwood’s post has been moved to Help for v2 because (s)he uses CFP v2.x.