Help with Firewall


Im new here and trying to run COMODO.
Now im a litte lost in the million options and the FAQ couldnt help (or im too stupid) 88)

My Problem:

I want to be asked when a programm trys to connect to the internet. Not more nor less.
( for exemple Jdownloader: NO MATTER what i do, COMODO verifie the connection)

I changed every options i found to “ask” and added rules for TCP/UDP and IP for OUT/IN to ask me, but he doesnt ask ANYTHING, just every programm is allowed.

Sorry for my English and i´am really i no way a Programmer or so.
From other Firewalls im used to klick a button and he asks me, not to creat 1000 options and rules.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to run the firewall in custom mode. And increase the alarm frequency (amount of different attributes that are possibly asked).

Also you might consider to use proactive policy for comodo.