Help with firewall.

I’m having a really weird problem. For some reason comodo firewall wont show any type of information on the programs tabs. I am talking about live connections, firewall events, defense+ events etc. I think I might have probably disable a process in the services tab on my windows 7 machine that is vital to comodo firewall.

The firewall seems to work fine, but I really need to know whats going on my network. Can anyone guide me to the right steps on how to fix this please.

Note: I already reinstalled the firewall, I used the uninstaller tool.

Your picture kind of answered your own questions, you running the Firewall and Defense+ in Safe Mode, which means if Comodo CIS can identify the program request via its internal white list or via the trust vendors digital signatures or is on your personal trusted list, then the request will be allowed, otherwise it will log the request and generate a request pop up asking what to do.

If you want to control all connection attempt manually, you’ll have to raise the security level to custom policy mode.

If you want to view the current active connections go to Firewall > Active Connections, note that sometimes this is inaccurate, and in broken installs or conflicting security software drivers, it will be blank.