Help With Data Recovery the Uninstall Rolled Back to the Initial Snap Shot

My Windows XP Home started blue screen dumps after running CTM for about 1.5 months. CTM was complaining about no available disk space although there’s about 50GB free on a 250GB C: drive. I can do very little before it blue screens. So I decided the best thing to do is to temporary uninstall CTM to give me time to resolve the problem. During the uninstall (using Control Panel), I chose leave the system in “the current system” state which I would think CTM would just do that (don’t roll back to any snap shot). But it turns out the system was rolled back to the initial snap shot when CTM was installed, losing 1.5 months of work!

Is there any way for me to get back data from a more recent snap shot? If I reinstall CTM, will it see the snap shots? Or is there a way for me to recover the snap shots so CTM will see it? I am desperate to recover 1.5 months of data!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Windows can’t see the space used by the snapshots.

Oops… can’t explain. Wrong behavior.

After you’ve uninstall CTM, impossible… sorry.


Can’t really help on that.
Hope the programmers drop a word :cry:

I’ve got a similar problem and it would be really nice to get the data back!
I tried recovering data from a image file of the harddisk with magic-recovery,
but without any success.

Hi, what program did you use to create the image ?


But another idea, where are the snapshots stored?
Could it be possible to restore a snapshot and afterwards mount it with
a installation of time-machine? (Although I really don’t want to have it anymore…)

Hi, sorry what is dd? Most disc image programs allow you to browse the file and recover stuff.

dd allows to create a low-level backup of a disk,
used for recovering data without changing the original disk.
magic-recovery does what you meant, search deleted data on the disk (or image) and restore it.
But it just found data, that has already been deleted before the installation of CTM.
So it seemed CTM restored the complete filesystem.

Nowhere… Or, better, in free disk space.
It’s not a backup tool but a system restore one.

No. You can only mount snapshots if CTM is previous installed in that machine.

Yes. That’s the point.

So you mean files are really gone?

What files?
There is no backup files of the snapshots. The technology is different.
To see the files into the free space you need CTM driver. I think for any other application, the free space is just raw data (a set of 0 and 1).

I mean the files that got killed by the uninstall of CTM.
Every file that has been created or changed since the setup of CTM.

Hunger, when you’ve uninstalled CTM you were alerted that you will lose all the snapshots…
I see no other way. Some users say you can recover the data, I will test it and post later. I think we can’t (not with a easy way…).

I think everything might be easier then again marrying to shoot those photos again!
So if you find a way, please tell me how it works!
As the initial poster, I’ve chosen to let the system as it is, not to restore to the baseline!

That’s the worst point.
The programmers should drop a word about WHY this even happen! :cry:

Hunger, Tech is right when he says “The programmers should drop a word about WHY this even happen!”. This is a serious destruction of data because the uninstall reverts all the way back to the baseline effectively wiping out months of data (sometimes more) even though the user correctly chooses to uninstall to current snapshot.

I’m sorry to say your data is lost forever. Please read my post here;msg447707#msg447707

I have a similar situation, not my computer, but a client under my care.

My situation is slightly different, in that somehow, CTM kept re-indexing the user’s drive, and then at some point, the program went haywire, and the next bootup, the PC was at baseline, and the user (who works in the accounts department of a school) lost 4 months of work!

Now, I would just use CTM to get to a more recent snapshot, but I can’t open the app. I tried reinstalling, but I get the message that CTM was not properly installed, and I can’t move forward at all.

I am VERY frustrated now, and I can’t believe this apparently useful and amazing piece of system restore software could be so randomly destructive.

The problem is, this user never told me that it was reindexing a lot lately, etc. If I had known, at least I could have taken a look at it, and maybe taken some precautions since it was acting up.

Very disappointed that CTM developers are not stepping up and taking responsibility for their coding. It may be a free app, but it is presented as a business-class application, and the end user would have no reason to suspect that it is, in fact, buggy and dangerous.

Reinstalling is NOT an option here. You won’t be able to restore any snapshot of the “old” (or bad) installation.

CTM needs serious improvements.
It’s not the first time that people ask it to return to “beta” stage.
What I can’t understand is why a code that works very stable for other companies got such a trouble with CTM… ::slight_smile:

A wish a better and fast development of it, at least.

I have a very similar problem.

I’ve installed Win7 on my dad’s new computer and then CTM, set to take a snapshot daily at 2am. I failed to realize that the default behavior of Win7 is to sleep after an extended period of no activity, which means that it was always in sleep mode when the time came to take a new snapshot.

I got a call from my dad several months later, saying his computer no longer works and is giving him cryptic errors. I went to check and saw that CTM was complaining it ran out of disk space. It suggested I’d erase some snapshots, but there were none to erase. It then suggested I’d create a new baseline - no problem, as I had no reason to revert to a previous state. However, that process failed due to some disk access error (perhaps a bad sector) and I was left with a system that would no longer boot. Eventually I had to reinstall Windows from scratch, losing all the files my dad had. I’ve made a disk image using Acronis when I realized there’s no hope of reviving the system, but that image is of the system at the time of CTM installation, several months ago.

CTM should still be installed on that image, but that image is unbootable - I’ve tried. Is there any way of recovering the lost files?

It’s kind of ironic that the cause of the data loss was a backup program… :-\

i think a workaround to preven this problem is to reset the baseline before anyone tries to uninstall ctm
but i think its a little hard to get someone to know this problem before uninstall so a sticky should be posted on the main ctm forum with some workaround about problems that may cause current version (not beta) for at least preven this problem to happen again to another ppl