Help with CPF Please

Today I installed CPF after reading an excellent review of it on PC Mag. Everything went smoothly with the installation, but then when I tried to connect to the Internet, using either Mozilla Firefox or IE, I received “Cannot find server” message. Only when I uninstalled CPF could I reconnect to the Internet. Also, there appeared to be a conflict b/t CPF and my AVG free antivirus program. Has anyone else had a problem connecting to the Internet using CPF? I also tried ZoneAlarm and had the same problem. Is my PC anti-firewall or something?? I would appreciate any advice you can offer to rectify this problem. Thanks all.

Have you tried re-installing CPF since? If not, re-install and then report back. If your still having problems then to test, adjust the security level to “allow all”. Does this allow you to connect? Btw, you may want to post further problem (hopefully few) in the help section. More people will reply and help you there.


I too am having the same problem. When I change the setting to allow all it works fine. I have firefox set to allow both incoming and outgoing connections. What else might be stopping the traffic?


Hi and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: Does your AVG have advanced checking enabled? Also, what is your connection, modem\dialup , DSL, etc…? I would set AVG to skip advanced checks and see if you can connect. Also you may have to do a restart for AVG\CPF settings to take effect. Windows firewall is disabled by default when you install CPF. :wink: Also make sure there are no other firewalls enabled. I have put a screen shot of how basic settings should look and did you install using automatic install?


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