Help with control over my Toolbars [IceDragon Portable]

I’m demo-ing IceDragon Portable and I have an annoying Yahoo icon on the address bar (as in “http:// etc.”) and I’ve tried numerous hacks, including creating my own URL bar customized, but no matter how I try to remove it, it keeps coming back.

Nothing against Yahoo, but I only search with Google Advanced, and I want the address bar to appear on its own row, with absolutely nothing else on it but backward < and forward > buttons.


Hi and welcome semicodin,
The icon in the address bar is for the default search engine used when searching using the address bar.
Click the arrow next to the icon to manage your search engines. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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Thank you for describing the browser’s layout Captain Obvious! :P0l I was in peril of not seeing it!

Seriously, I do thank you for the forum CaptainSticks. I (obviously) see the Yahoo icon; I know I can replace it with someone else’s icon; but I want to remove the icon altogether. Indeed I want everything removed from the address bar but the bar’s ◄ backward & forward ► navigation buttons, but I’m under no delusion that I may very well be describing a different browser altogether.

Before I banish this browser to my Vault of Discarded Programs (partitioned as Drive “V” and rapidly filling up I regret to say heh) it seems to me there are six ways a thread discussing the placement|appearance|functions of IceDragon can be discussed, and entirely possible that not one of them will be a Solution:

[ol]- an Option within IceDragon that User can Uncheck
- an Addon to IceDragon that establishes complete User control over the address bar, including its physical location in the viewport
- an Addon that can (if not remove) hide IceDragon’s iconified address bar
- a Script available now (eg. Grease Monkey)
- a Script available in the OpenSource community
- a Script or Addon I write myself[/ol]
Please share any ideas/options, and thank you for such an exquisitely designed product.


Hi semicodin,
To remove the search engine icon, right click a blank portion of the menu-bar or tab-bar and uncheck ‘Enable Omnibar’.
You can also customize other tool-bars from there.
Customizing the Toolbar-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Sticks you’re amazing. A graceful fix without the drama. Where is that Thank You button . . .


No problem, you are welcome. :slight_smile:
BTW you found the “thank you” button, it was reply/post. :wink: