Help With Configuring Comodo Firewall PLEASE [Resolved]


I am wondering if anyone with more experience here can help me configure my firewall. I noticed that comodo is more than just a typical firewall because it examines file activities. Although I think this is great I do NOT want this feature enabled. I prefer to have the firewall just monitor ingoing and outgoing traffic. I do not want it bothering me with the events of other files ESPECIALLY while I am trying to install an application. I understand the benefits of this technology but would like to know if there is a way to turn of the extra file monitoring features of comodo firewall. Specific configuration settings would help me alot. Thanks!

Starting with version 3.013, there was an installation option from just a straight firewall. Check your current version, and if needed, down 3.013, uninstall your version and reinstall this. during hte instawllation, slect Simple firewall and you won’t get any file activity monitoring (but we recommend that this is left enabled).

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I can understand your concerns regarding pop-ups, but by disabling D+, you are, in effect, turning off, a major security component. As panic said, we highly recommend you install this component.

If you set D+ to Train With Safe Mode, you should receive minimal pop-ups.


Thank you for the help! Both of you.

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