Help with configuartion

Hi guys,

I’m a little lost with comodo firewall pro, now whenever i go to view events/logs there is nothing there.

And everytime it asks me a question, i click allow because i know its safe. But i dont think my configuration is right, is there a preset config out there i could use? i really dont know how to go around setting rules. It seems like most of all my applications has “Allow IP OUT from IP ANY TO IP ANY WHERE PROTOCOL IS ANY” except my web browsers and email clients. Am i doing something wrong?

Your logs are gonna be intrusions. No just cause you made a rule. What configuration are you not sure of?

erm, to be honest im really sure (:SHY). i dont know if im setting it up correctly…just wanna be safe

All I ever do is install Comodo and switch D+ to train with safe mode. I have both the firewall and D+ in train with safe mode. Can you be more descriptive please?

i have both of them in train with safe mode, but i keep getting * [10053] Software caused connection abort on mirc.

And under application rules, most of my softwares that i use are Treat AS custom and allow ip in and out. except winzip, thunderbird, firefox. i set them under the predefined rules.

am i doing anything wrong? as in, is it “secure” or not? :S im a little confused about the rules…

What about under D+. Under my firewall all my programs are trusted. Firefox and Internet Explorer are web broswers. Explorer.exe,System and SVChost are outgoing only. Under D+ most of my things are trusted or custom. Did you block something you weren’t suppose to?

same under D+ either Custom, Installer/Updater, Trusted… weird huh

So what is the error? Can you take a screen shot of it.