help with comodo pop ups

Hello I aqm a newbie to comodo, but I am having some issues that i am not able to figure out. I have it pop up to allow things and then it will sit ther for 5 minutes or more is there a way to make it leave quicker and also i click for it to remember the action and it keeps asking me about it. please help me…

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Without knowing what the popups are related to, there’s not a lot we can do. It will help us help you if you can be more specific. Attaching screenshots of the popups would be a great help.


how do I do a screenshot it. than I will put some up.

If you look on your keyboard to the Right of the f12 button will say… Prt Scrn just press it and it saves it to your computer.

ok here is a screen shot hopefully it helps to let you know what i am talking about Little Mac.

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O.k. what I mean to say is the pop-ups literally freeze the program. I will for instance click the remember my answer for this application and then click allow and it will freeze and the pop-up will stay until i either turn off comodo and then back on or reboot my computer. This happens everytime I turn on the program, no matter what application (msn messenger which i did change the rule to allow, outlook express, etc). I have gone in to change the rules for some applications to allow and that hasn’t even helped it still gets frozen. I cannot even get updates from windows unless I turn off the firewall cause it freezes then denies connection because it is frozen… I have version 3.0 pro. I hope this helps you understand better what the problem is. If you have any questions that may help you figure it out please feel free to ask and I will explain as best I can.

Your screenshot shows an alert that resembles 2.4, so I had no idea. The Help board right now is intended for version 2.4 because 3.0 is still in beta. Hence, your thread should be in the Beta Corner board. As such, I can’t help you since I’ve never installed it, unless the option to change the alert duration is still there in 3.0.

ok i will post it there :slight_smile: