Help with Comodo Internet Security

Hello,i installed COMODO Intenet Security (firewall + antivirus) and i want to ask this simple questions:

1.If i disable defence + security level on Firewall options this will make antivirus not working?

2.If i disable Leak protection this will make Firewall or Antivirus not working properly?

I run a poor system so i just need Basic Firewall Protection + Basic Antivirus protection and i need to shut down any extra option that make my poor system slow.So can someone tell me if i disable this options will affect my Firewall/Antivirus protection?


Really you should be fine and having all 3 components shouldn’t slow your system down.

As for your questions,
Firewall\Antivirus will continue working if you disable Defense+

What about Leak Protection?will this affect my Basic Firewall / Antivirus protection if i disable it?And i have some questions about COMODO antimalware boclean.

1.How i scan my computer with this ?:stuck_out_tongue:

2.lets say i install boclean,i have to reinable defence + security level and leak protection to make boblean work properly with real time protection?

And one overall question : If i install comodo firewall / antivirus / boclean and i have disable defence + security AND leak protection will i lose real time shield from antivirus or boclean?


Boclean and CIS are totally separate stand alone products and has nothing to do with each other at present. Boclean monitors rootkits and once installed, the user has nothing special to do. It will monitor on its own.

As far as CIS is concerned, its CPU usage is even lower than many of the standalone antivruses available in the market. In realtime, it uses much less RAM and you will not even notice it is working! But, as soon a virus try to sneak in - like through USB, it will immediately catch it. So, you can download and install the CIS without worrying much about RAM usage, with its default settings of defence+ enabled.