Help with blocking ports in newest version

I have tried to block a number of ports that are open when using netstat. I placed the block request in the global section and moved them to the top of the lists. Each port has it’s own rule. When I check back with netstat all ports are still in use and they appear to be in use on the firewall list. Is there something else to do in conjunction with those lists to block them. ■■■■ Newbies I know!

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Blocking a port and closing a port are two different things. A port can appear in a netstat list as listening but still be blocked by a firewall. As far as closing port is concerned, some are easier than others. If you can provide more details, maybe we can suggest a few things…

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OK I have entered the block IP in any and have had no notifications. My question is shouldn't something have been triggered by running programs. If I start up a torrent program shouldn't that trigger it??

When you add a global rule that blocks IP In, unless you have a rule allowing a specific connection above, all packets are silently discarded. If you added logging to the block rule, any explicit inbound connections attempts that have been blocked, will be recorded.

And keep in mind how a modern two way firewall has the ability to allow requested connections, while all unrequested connections are rejected.

This is reached by “Block IP in all”, and an application rule to allow specific traffic out/initiate traffic.

In your case, if you want to “close” a port in effect, you should not have an application rule which allows outgoing on that port.
Or you should have a global rule that explicit blocks outgoing on that port in global.

Note: This is how you make it without future questions.
Anyway, first step, make sure that nothing is allowed what you want to be blocked.