Help with blocking packets from a certain address/URL


I’m currently trying to stop the Steam client from fetching avatars, mainly because of the huge amount of people who feel the need to use explicit imagery in order to express themselves.

With the help of Wireshark, I’ve found out that the avatars are fetched via

“GET /steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/AVATARID HTTP/1.1”

That it would use this method is fairly obvious, but still.

The full URL to an avatar on the avatar-containing resource is*AVATARID*”

Now, would it be possible to configure the firewall in a way that any packet gets blocked as soon as it’s trying to reach “” ?

I can’t figure out how to do it in CIS 6.3 but it is possible in CIS 7 BETA. Basically the reason it works in CIS 7 beta and not CIS 6.3 is because CIS 7 has Web Filtering and CIS 6.3 does not, so in CIS 7 you can block “*” and it won’t load avatars (tried this myself) But again CIS 7 is only in beta at the moment.

Btw, you can report people with such avatars :wink:

Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply.

And, well, yes, it is possibly to report them, I think it would be best if you didn’t have to experience them at all, though. I’d like it if Valve simply added an option to disable avatars.