Help with blocked application.

In short, I accidently block MS Outlook from recieving incomming mail. It all ready had authorization to pass through and back through the firewall but for some reason I was asked again. I thought it might been some unauthorized program trying to use Outlook so I denied it acces. Now I know I was wrong in telling it to do that. I’m trying to go through to see what I blocked so I can unblock it or allow it to come in but I can’t find such a setting. Everywhere I go inside Comodo, I just find applications that I have allowed. I don’t see a list of things that I’ve blocked. Outlook seems to be able to go out but not come back in. Thanks in advance.

Attached is a screenshot of my logs (I couldn’t figure out how to get a screen shot here, sorry):

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Regarding screenshots, here’s a relevant post:,6770.0.html

Regarding your problem, more to the point is:

  1. When you blocked it, did you check “Remember”
  2. Since you blocked it, have you rebooted
  3. What entry (or entries) do you have in Application Monitor for Outlook

So for question #3, will you capture a full-screen screenshot of Application Monitor with Outlook’s rule highlighted (so we can see the details at the bottom).