Help with Behaviour Blocker

Hello my little brother plays football manager 2012.Whenever he tries to start it behaviour blocker kicks in.I tried clicking “trust this application and run unlimited”.I also moved the fm12.exe from unrecognized files to trusted but whenever he tries to start football manager 12 the behaviour blocker kicks in.

Is this normal?


Did you click on don’t Isolate again. That should work.

I dont see that option anywhere :o

Remove the check from detect installers and show privilege elevation alerts so that when you run it, It should just auto-sandbox it and when you get the auto-sandbox notifications you should see Don’t Isolate Again on the bottom of the alert. Click on it and restart the program.

Did you check Remember My answer when you had the alert.

There was no option remember my choice just trust this application .I solved it by define exceptions for behaviour blocking.thanks fr your help

no problem.