help with basic functions for defence+

hi, new to the forums and comodo and read through the introductions and tutorials. not too new with the computer world TBH
i will reinstall 7 over 8 because im not happy with 8.1, and install CIS first and grant everything i install full unguarded statuses, but id like to ask many questions in case i run into it again in the future

i disabled both defence+ and HIPS, and also included the install and default storages (usually appdata/roaming) for programs/plugins to the ‘trusted’ list, but im running into what i think is a sandbox related issue. im using XDM (xtreme download manager, runs on java) on my PC and IDM on my laptop. the downloads are downloads just fine via browsers, but when using externals (like mods and other programs) they either run into a failed downlaod or they cant be transferred over to the libraries/download. clicking ‘open file/directory’ doesnt work on both i very rarely get failed downloads when using either, and im pretty sure it isnt a firewall issue as i see chunks are saved into the temporary directory

i know javas a bit lacking in security ATM, but id like to allow both full unrestricted privileges. if i end up catching something sketchy i could just scan my computer, all of my viruses (i consider everything a virus, be it trojan, worms, loggers, DRMs cough) have been from java, and since many sites use java i cant avoid it. i have a many plugins for my browsers and other programs, and i might run into a problem similar to this but i can easily work around this

how to allow full privileges for programs, installed before/after CIS
defence+ and HIPS disabled, programs under trusted list not saving correctly