Help with Application Monitor


I’ve noticed this morning that, when Comodo’s application monitor is turned on, IE7 cannot/will not display most web pages. If I turn it off, pages are displayed normally. I tried removing the IE entries from the application monitor list and creating a new one to allow but that didn’t help. Can someone please help me with this? I usually (99% of the time) use Firefox for the web but once in a while I need IE.

Thank you!


On mine it works fine.

Can you post the logs here?

I don’t know how to export the log data so I took a screenshot. I hope this helps!


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You just right click in the logs, and choose export as html.

Try to add a trusted app (IE) in security/tasks, and set the parent as learning.

It looks like you have a router/network.
Have you created a trusted network/zone? (security/tasks)

Thanks for the direction on log creation. I have attached it to this post.

I can see how to browse to the IE executable but I don’t see how to “set the parent as learning”.

I just went through the ‘Define a new trusted network’ wizard and accepted the defaults as I went.

It would appear that IE is now working properly.

Are there further steps I should be taking or any other settings/configurations beyond my attached log that I can share that may be helpful?

Thank you!


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You should delete the IE rules in application monitor that you have made for PCflank leaktest.

Was this log before or after you created a zone?

The learn parent option you can only see when the rule is in application monitor by double clicking it. In the wizard, just choose the IE and no parent.