Help with antivirus please

Hi there
I’ve just installed comodo antivirus and joined the forum. Since installing it my pc is runninng soo slow and i cannot get my emails in incredimail. Can anyone help please. Am i supposed to set up different settings or something. Sorry to seem dumb…lol
I’d be grateful for any advice please.

Hey Lainey,

Firstly, welcome to the forum. Don’t worry about asking dumb questions - the only truly dumb ones are the ones that don’t get asked.

Re. the slowness:

Do you have any other anti virus programs running while you’re running CAV (Comodo Anti Virus)? If you do, does this other AV application have its memory resident component running? If so, both it and CAV’s resident scanners are scanning everything and this would impose a very high overhead on most systems.

To disable the resident portion of CAV, you should find a new icon in your system tray for Comodo Launch Pad. If you do a right click on this you should see a menu and sub-menu for Antivirus. On the sub-menu, there is an option to disable the “On-Access Scanner”, which is the bit that stays in memory checking everything. Alternatively, if you do have another AV application, you could disable its memory resident portion. Your call on this as to which you disable.

Re. Incredimail:

Does anyone out there have any ideas about the Incredimail issue?

Re. settings:
“Am i supposed to set up different settings or something” Yes, unfortunately you are. I’m not being flippant here, but it’s your PC and its security is ultimately your responsibility. Comodo have designed CAV to be really configurable and they really do listen to and evaluate the comments posted here. If there’s something you don’t understand, post a message here. Someone will have the answer or be able to point you in the right direction, and Comodo will hopefully learn what they need to clarify in the help files.

Open up CAV and click on the settings button and have a look around. Most of the options are very easy to understand - Comodo have done an excellent job on the user interface. If you’ve got any specific queries, please post them here. The users on this forum are really good, very quick with responses and don’t seem to mind helping the newbies out at all. ;D

Hope this helps, and again, welcome to the forum.

Ewen :slight_smile: