Help with an AV Rule

Hello. I just wondered how to set a rule for CPF to allow Antivir PE avnotify exe. so Antivir can update Automatically. I tried to make one, but it didn’t seem to work. Some help would surely be appreciated, and thanks.

Take a look at this:

Have you allowed antivir access in the application monitor just like it is in the screenshot?

Hey Jack. I added one instance of avnotify, and I see three there. Also the one I added I set to learn parent, but nothing in Parent Path yet. Thanks so far, I’ll get it yet. Will check back in later this evening.It did update manually with only a few pop ups from CPF.

I would let CPF prompt you for the connection rather than add one yourself. You may have three similar rules if the IP addresses are different. If this is the case, you could either set the Destination IP to “any” or add as an “IP Range” if possible (depending on the IP’s).


Hey Graham1, I think what happened is that by just installing Antivir this morning, and then it updating, the avnotify exe. wasn’t involved. Then later on I manually updated instead of scheduling it, and so once again no pop up window. Since Antivr updates alot there will most likely be one tonight and I will be able to see the allow deny window for avnotify exe. pop up then. If not tomorrows another day. Does this all sound right to you? Also I would like to apologize to whomever, for posting in the wrong area. I just now realized that with the changes made to the website there is a section for help. DAHH. LOL.

How about changing the update frenquency of AntiVir. I can’t remember whether the minimum setting was one hour or one day.


Graham1, I keep all the updates at Daily, then set them for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. I just now hit Virus information under Guard in Antivir GUI, and Comodo asked me to allow or deny avnotify exe twice so I think it’s all good as they say. Take care for now, and it was nice to hear from you again.