Help with active connections and Windows connections

In the active connections I see an active listing from “system”, check out the jpg. Can I block is it and is it important for my internet ? If i can block it, how ?

The other JPG shows “Windows operating system” making a few connections today but was block. I whois some of the IP’s, but i never recalled using any software for connecting to these sites ? Can anyone give me some details please :smiley:

One more thing should i erase network IP’s when submitting jpg images here ? If so, why ?

Thank you

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The fact that the ports shown are listening means nothing in itself. If you want to get a grip on what is going on with your network connections I recommend you download and installl TCPView from SysInternals that is now part of Microsoft.

For the ports you have shown, inbound/outbound activity to/from your local network i.e. 192.168.x.x - 192.168.x.255 assuming your using DHCP to assign your PC IP address is normal. If you are receiving inbound activity on those ports from outside your local network, then you have a problem.

You are also blocking a lot of ICMP time exceeded connections. If you used the Comodo network option to “stealth” your ports, it would have generated a default global rule to allow inbound ICMP time exceeded.