Help...! with a coupl of problems that have me down

I’ve got a couple of problems I can’t figure out. If I could get a bit of help on these, I sure would appreciate anyone and everyone who might be able to lend this fella’ a helping hand. The first, and by far the biggest is this:
when I first install CIS (about 4 weeks ago) everything seemed to be okay. I could right-click in Explorer on a file and the entry “Scan with Comodo Anti-Virus” would work just fine, etc. However, after a few days, I noticed in my tray I didn’t see the Comodo icon, so I went to checking things out. I downloaded a newer version of CIS and installed it, and now things have appeared which were not in the former install – I mean a lot of things, which leads me to believe there was something wrong with the first install. But now my Explorer right-click context menu “Scan with Comodo Anti-Virus” doesn’t work at all. This is the biggest problem.
Second biggest problem:
I’m checking out WinRAR before I decide whether or not to purchase it. It has a configuration window in which a anti-virus executable goes. Does anyone know what the executable filename is, please?
Well, I forgot what the third one was, however, it wasn’t much of a problem.

Hello, :slight_smile:

So CIS basically disappeared? What do you mean by “things have appeared which were not in the former install”?
Try uninstalling CIS and running COMODO Registry Cleaner and then reinstall the latest version.

And for your WinRAR question the executable is cavscan.exe (X:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\


It’s a extremely rare issue, usually reinstalling solves it. .439 build works quite solid (latest).