[HELP] Windows Update not working

Hello all. I am currently using Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4. When I go to the Windows Update site either the Express or Custom, the page just stays there with the green bars moving across the screen - nothing else. Should I create rules or settings for this? Thanks in advance.

How long do you wait for the update page? for me it takes about 1-2 minutes for the updates to show…

Well when I disable CFP and enable Windows Firewall, it takes about the same time. When CFP comes back on, the page does not change at all.

I found a solution under the thread ‘Current 2.4 solutions to firewall issues’ where I allow wupdmgr.exe but no success.

I did a few more reading and found out about the option for alerts on apps. certified by Comodo and unchecked it. I rebooted and Comodo prompt me for allowance of the svchost.exe. I ran Windows Update, it prompt me again for allowance of the wudpmgr.exe and now everything works fine! Thanks for the help! Great forum support! :BNC (:CLP)

Ah, Good Good glad you got it figured out and working properly :slight_smile: (CLY)