HELP! When uninstalling CTM it rollback my PC to an old snapshot

Hi Comodo Staff people:

The last friday I uninstalled CTM. When rebooting, CTM asked to me if I wanted to restores to a previous snapshot or leave the system in “the current system” state (explaining to me that “current system” means no changes, just uninstall the software). Well, I said “Current system” but…¡surprise! at the moment of uninstall Comodo launched an error and then when restarting my computer was restored to the first snapshot two months ago. I LOST ALL MY RECENT INFORMATION (we are talking near to 3 months of hard work!). I had very important information. Please, How to get back my information?

Note: When the computer restarted to the previous snapshot and I try to open CTM it says “error, try to reinstall the application”. Where are located the snapshot files? Maybe I need to format my PC but I want to believe maybe there’s some hope. Please :‘( :’(

The “snapshot files” are located on the unused sectors of your hard drive. This is why you can not see them, because you need CTM for that. With unused sectors i mean the free space of your hard drive. If you did uninstall CTM then CTM will not protect those unused sectors anymore, meaning that windows and other apps can claim them. Some of your snapshot data might already be over written. For a few days back there was an other member with the same sort of problem (lost snapshots). Some other member came up with an idea, but i don’t know if it was ever tried. Anyway, this is the thread;msg392351#msg392351

Thank you very much for the answer.

Unfortunately, I had to reinstall Windows because my Boss was pushing to me to back to work.

Snif, snif! :‘( :’( :cry:

I will not trust anymore in CTM to watch my info. No sir.

It was when you stopped using CTM it happened. ;D

What’s that supposed to mean?

CTM messed up when he was uninstalling it and removing its protection…not while it was protecting. 88)

And I’m sorry you lost your data, but you should have stored your files somewhere besides your internal usual drive. Like online, or an external drive (I do both).

So what’s the point? Are you saying that it’s not Comodo’s fault because it happened when he uninstalled it, not when installing? I hope you are not trying to make the point it’s safer to have then to not have it. This uninstall, kill computer is 100% Comodo’s fault. How much proof do they need? How many computers need to be destroyed before they pull this trash. Where is their headquarters? Not USA.

First of all, it was mostly a joke. Notice the smiley face?

CTM certainly causes many problems. I wasn’t denying that. Once you install, it may be safer to keep it and not use it than to uninstall, at least currently.

And I think their headquarters is in New York. Why?

Well that is how i use it too. CTM is installed (i wish it was not though). I sure do not dare to unistall it (at least not after i see a lot of post of successfull uninstalls). So it’s there on my pc, but i do not use it. I wish it had some disable option to allow us disabling the engine. But it has not :cry:

When Comodo responds in this forum and technical PM’s their english is horrible. I doubt they are US based.

In terms of your joke, poor timing IMO. I had this program trash 2 of my computers and it’s on a 3rd which I can’t remove it from. I lost important legal documents, contact information, and family photos. It’s not funny, trust me.

Sure, it’s not funny. However, I don’t understand how posting sad and serious posts about how bad CTM is will help that any. 88)

Their support is probably outsourced somewhere (e.g. India), like most companies that sacrifice quality for cheapness.

actually support is not out sourced it is just part of different comodo offices.

head quarters in Jersy City, New Jersy

Offices in:

Salt Lake City, USA
Manchester, UK
Bradford, UK
Iasi, Romania
Odessa, Ukraine
Chennai, India
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Orte VT, Italy
Rishon le Zion, Israel

I guess I kind of meant that they had offices in other countries (I just wasn’t thinking right :D).

I think many of our mods would do better than some of the support guys they have. 88)