HELP : what's this app doing?

#1 the app from my server
#2 my global rules
#3 firewall log

(:WAV) hi, need a lil help here, no big deal, but it’s weird ???
pic #1 is the app from my server (, today when i was trying to open it, CFP blocked me ( from my self ( (pic#3) ??? (i can open the app after several times double clicking)
is it normal ??? i know that the global rule will block any connection attempt from/to the LAN range to/from outside IP.
but why my comp did that? what’s it gonna do with & ? :THNK

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Both 192.168.x.x and 127.0.x.x are inner IP addresses, however, you only got rule for 192.168. Create rules to allow to connect to you (i guess you use 192.168.0.x to connect to where you established a server so vica versa might needed).

weird? i never needed that rule before ??? and if i need one, why after several double clicking i finally can open the app ???