Help w/ Avast

(:WAV) I have Avast Home Ed. And I wonder if there is a download or a plugin or add on that will populat the blocked URL List/Page because I dont want to sit here and just add them one by one i wondered if there is a program which will do this for me or have a list…I know that Its truly impossible to have all the sites blocked but a good amount


I think this is the your case:

Together with SpywareBlaster you can use a hostfile as well. MVPS is the best :

Both will take no resources at all :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Well, I would rather recommend PeerGuardian here.

It’s a fine prog, it’s lists (20 to choose from by default) are being updated almost daily, it’s open source, it’s definitions are based upon two separate communities findings.

It’s the best out there, I really think, even if no one else likes to ever mention it here.

But be sure to get it from sourceforge, not anywhere else. There are some sites known who corrupted the file. No wonder why.