[Help] Vista Home Basic CFP stops responding

Alright, a friend got a new computer and wanted me to install CFP v.3 on it and I went through all the stuff and right-clicked and run as administrator for the install. After that I left all the defaults but changed Defense+ to Training Mode.

But when I click on pending files and click lookup, doesnt matter if it’s 3 or 500, it gets halfway and then stops responding. I cant end task on it when Vista says end task, the only way it exits is if I log off or turn off the pc. Any help will be much appreciated.

His pc is: Vista Home Basic, 1 gig ram, 2.66 Ghz Pentium D, onboard Intel graphics, Realtek Audio, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and User Control thing disabled.

I don’t really know if you actually have the Vista firewall active, but if it is, it might be interfering with the connection. You can’t really expect to run two firewalls without a conflict.

Long time no see, lol and sorry about not making that clearer, cause it did kinda sound weird . The Vista Home Basic: Windows Firewall, Windows Defender and that UAC feature have been disabled. We both didn’t like that windows firewall and figured CFP v.3 would be the right choice. I disabled the Defender cause I never liked it taking up resources and we got plenty of on-demand scanners. But, I still cant figure out why it freezes on sending the things in pending. Once I try to have it lookup, it will stop responding the whole program about halfway into checking them. Maybe 1GB ram isn’t good enough? or is there something else I need to change?

I Gb of RAM should be fine - that’s what I have. I assume that there were no error messages that accompanied the freeze? Please have a look at the Firewall event log: Firewall>Common Tasks>View Event Log. You will have to click More to see events from a previous boot. Look for events that show cfpsbmit.exe being blocked. Sometimes there is a setup error that results in a block. What other security software is on the system (especially running as an active process)? You can view processes on the Defense+>Common Tasks>View Active Process List.